Does your manufacturing company sometimes have a hard time maintaining the cadence all the way from the purchase of materials to the customer is in possession of the product? Do you lose your breath when vital components from your bill of materials are missing? Is it tiresome to stare at steep inventory levels because your sales, inventory and production don’t speak the same language? No matter what you produce, these scenarios probably make you sweat. Fortunately, you can breath a sigh of relief. Because Rackbeat’s digital manufacturing management connects your business and speeds up your production.

You will get a complete overview of the entire production process in one dashboard. Your employees can order items for the bill of materials, access the customer information, keep abreast with the production status and see the date of delivery in Rackbeat. Thereby, your manufacturing will never feel like an obstacle race.

Rackbeat also enables you to integrate with most economic systems, webshops and POS systems. This will streamline your purchases, your stock and your sales as you are able to download updated sales and inventory reports. Thereby, you won’t launch too many productions or start them too late.

For more information on Rackbeat, don’t hesitate to book a presentation with one of our experts right here. You can also test drive the system and experience how you effectivize your manufacturing with a free 14-day Rackbeat-trial.

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