Warehouse Management for Shipmondo

  • Automatic order transfer

  • Rackbeat orders are transferred to Shipmondo automatically

  • Automatic label print

  • Bulk create shipments and labels

  • Personal messaging

  • Send an email/text when an order has been shipped

You can effortlessly manage orders, sales, warehousing, and shipping, by connecting your Rackbeat user to Shipmondo. You can book freight directly from Rackbeat WMS. The integration saves you time and minimizes the risk of typing errors when creating shipments and printing labels.

This integration is brought to you by Rackbeat.


What is Shipmondo

Shipmondo enables fast and easy management of shipping and freight

  • Transfer orders to Shipmondo

  • Set-up your orders in either Rackbeat or Shipmondo

  • Freight booking

  • Label print

  • Track & Trace

  • Bulk create shipments

Shipmondo helps more than 40.000 companies with effective order- and freight management. With Shipmondo you can ship worldwide across carriers from one platform.

You can read more about Shipmondo here

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