Bills of Materials (BOM)

Bills of materials are a core tool for all manufacturing companies. They provide you with the list of all the sub-components, control over cost prices and ensure that production orders can be completed on time.


For a healthy manufacturing company, the efficient composition of the finished product is a crucial element in a process that begins with the placement of a customer order and ends with the production order being delivered to the customer. You can save a lot of time in the production phase if you have a clear overview of all subcomponents and the key information about the finished product readily available. This is achieved with Rackbeat’s bills of materials.


Bills of Materials (BOM)

Streamline Your Manufacturing with Bills of Materials

Rackbeat allows you to create all the bills of materials that you can conceive of. When you create your bill of materials, you first determine which sub-components are included in the finished product. Afterward, you can link a lot of additional information to the bill of materials, such as:


The standard location, weight, height, barcode, whether items with serial or batch numbers are included, whether the finished product is organic and more.
After creation, your bill of materials appears in a comprehensive overview of all your bills of materials. Here, in addition to the extra information you’ve added, you also get an overview of important things like the selling price, cost price and whether the finished product is in stock, in orders or in production.


If you want to create bills of Materials in Rackbeat, you need to purchase a premium subscription.


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