Inventory Management for InteGrate

This Is How We Automate Your Order Flow

  • Orders are retrieved from the retail chain and the order status is marked in Rackbeat.

  • The shipping status is updated in Rackbeat and the delivery data is sent to the warehouse/carrier.

  • Track & Trace information is then sent to the retail chain before the shipment is finalized in Rackbeat.

  • Finally an invoice is generated in Rackbeat (either as a draft or posted) and then sent to the retail chain.

With “InteGreat for Rackbeat,” you get a seamless way to receive and handle orders from some of the largest retail chains, including Rema, Coop, Salling Group, XL byg, Jem&Fix, Silvan, Hornbach, Plantorama, Bauhaus, Magasin, and Harald Nyborg.

“InteGreat for Rackbeat” handles both in-store orders and drop-shipping orders. Our integrated system works 24*7 in the background to retrieve orders from retail chains and transfer them to your Rackbeat sales order overview.

This integration is brought to you by InteGreat.

NOTE: $* As the integration is provided by a third party, there will be an additional fee involved.


Technical Support from InteGreat

We take care of the technical aspects, including setup, order testing, invoice testing and commissioning, so you can focus on your core business. This means you don't have to worry about technical details.

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