Warehouse Management for Orderstep

  • Ensures that you always have enough products in stock when you create offers or orders

  • Automatically sends offers from Orderstep to Rackbeat as the customer approves them

  • Transfers sales orders directly from Orderstep to Rackbeat for picking and packing

  • Adjusts the “available stock” as soon as a sales order is transferred to Rackbeat

  • Gives warehouse employees a reliable system

Rackbeat handles your products, Orderstep creates your offers and your customers spread the good message

The integration between Orderstep and Rackbeat’s warehouse management system enables you to automatically transfer your sales orders, customer data and an updated status on your stock. This safeguards you from making online sales that you cannot deliver in a timely fashion to your customers.

This integration is brought to you by Orderstep.


What is Orderstep?

Orderstep is a digital offer system that makes the journey of the order, from an offer to a sale, run smoothly and efficiently. You no longer have to spend time creating and sending your offers in a Word or a PDF file, as you can forward your offers directly from Orderstep. You will also have a complete overview of all your offers and their status in a neat dashboard. From this dashboard, you can create either leads or customers, which saves you a lot of time clicking back and forth in an endless loop of tabs and windows.

Orderstep was conceived as a collaborative effort between Hilton, Videx and Pooltech who all wanted an easier, faster and more efficient offer process. This resulted in the perfect solution for all product-driven businesses as they can optimize their offerings and sales.

  • Easy way to send offers

  • Tracks the status of your offers

  • Private webshop

  • Automatizes the bookkeeping

  • Uncomplicated CRM

  • Exquisite offer template

You can read more about Orderstep here

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