Warehouse Management for Ordrestyring

The benefits you get:

  • Synchronization of current items from Ordrestyring to Rackbeat

  • Supplier invoices (purchases) from Ordrestyring to Rackbeat

  • Resources used for assignments from Ordrestyring to Rackbeat

  • New and changed items from Rackbeat to Ordrestyring or vice versa

Are you using Ordrestyring to keep track of working hours and resources but are looking for a broader and more detailed tracking? Rackbeat’s integration will provide exactly this.

Purchases from wholesalers and resources used on each assignment will automatically be transferred to Rackbeat.
Have you ever bought too many resources for an assignment? Or lost track of where items have been placed after finishing an assignment? That all belongs to the past with Rackbeat’s integration!

This integration is brought to you by Ordrestyring.

NOTE: $* Since the integration is provided by a third party, there might be an additional fee involved.


What is Ordrestyring

The most popular Order Management System. The system is built to ensure financial control throughout the entire workflow. You can easily create offers, orders, and invoices. Working hours and the resources used can be registered directly on each assignment.

You can read more about Ordrestyring here

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