Advantages of integrating Tripletex with Rackbeat

  • Electronic invoicing with overview per customer

  • Simple bookkeeping of incoming and outgoing invoices

  • Work directly with accountants in the application

  • Continuous updating of accounts

  • Option to purchase extra functionality

Why Tripletex

Tripletex’ intuitive user interface and easily adaptable functionality makes it both fast and easy to set up automated processes and adapt the application to your company’s unique needs for accounting.

This both helps making accounting more efficient for your business and at the same time reduces the risk of data loss and manuelle errors.

This integration is brought to you by Rackbeat.


When choosing an integrated solution with Tripletex and Rackbeat, movements in your inventory will automatically be registered in Tripletex in real-time. You get a full overview of your business while also saving time and money. The application gives you:

  • An overview of wholesalers’ prices and discounts, such as volume discounts

  • The option to create BOMs (bills of materials)

The integration includes:

- Synchronization of current suppliers, customers, prices and products from Tripletex to Rackbeat

- New and updated suppliers, customers, products, BOMs and invoices will automatically get transferred from Rackbeat to Tripletex

Tripletex and Rackbeat are both developed with an open API, which makes it easy to integrate the two applications. This makes data synchronization with Rackbeat easy and fast.

You can read more about Tripletex here

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