Warehouse Management for SmartWeb/DanDomain

  • Synchronization of current products from SmartWeb/DanDomain to Rackbeat

  • Live transfer of sales orders from SmartWeb/DanDomain to Rackbeat

  • You choose whether items should be created/maintained through Rackbeat or SmartWeb/DanDomain

DanDomain to Rackbeat is a tailored software solution that efficiently automates and simplifies order management between your Dandomain webshop and Rackbeat’s inventory system. This integration is designed to optimize your business processes and ensure seamless order handling.

How the Two Systems Works Together


Transfer from DanDomain to Rackbeat

When a customer places an order in your DanDomain webshop, the order is transferred to Rackbeat and automatically appears in your sales order overview. This also ensures that your inventory is updated.

After the order has been transferred to Rackbeat, you can then process the order at your warehouse and pick, pack, and ship it to the customer.

Visible Status in DanDomain

To provide you with full control and transparency, the transferred orders are marked as “Processing” in your DanDomain webshop. This makes it easy for you to identify which orders have been sent to Rackbeat and ensures that you can always keep track of where they are in the process.

Depending on the configuration, we can change the order’s status in DanDomain to “Shipped” when the order receives a tracking number. This way, your customers receive updated information about their orders and shipment status.

Tailored Solution

Your company may have specific requirements for the handling of your order management. Please feel free to contact us, so we can work together with you to create a customized solution.

With “DanDomain to Rackbeat,” you get a reliable, efficient, and flexible solution for managing your orders. Let our integration help you optimize and automate your order management, so you can provide an even better customer experience.

This Integration Is brought to you by IEX.

NOTE: $* As the integration is provided by a third party, there will be an additional fee involved.

Want to See How a Rackbeat-Integration Can Help Your Business?

It is good idea to see how Rackbeat actually works – and hear how the integration of the two system can ease your workflows.

Therefore, we offer you a free demo. Here you’ll meet one of our inventory experts who will give you a presentation of the two systems in action.


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Smartweb by DanDomain

What is SmartWeb/DanDomain

SmartWeb makes starting and running a webshop easy. It offers a smart and functional webshop system. Using SmartWeb, there is no need to be technically savvy and no need to code.

  • Free Danish support, hosting and updates

  • Website system (CMS)

  • Webshop platform

  • B2B e-commerce

Using SmartWeb, there is no need to be technically savvy and no need to code. All you need to take care of is selling your products, writing text, and choosing the design of your webshop - SmartWeb takes care of all the technical details (e.g. hosting, updates, and backup)

You can read more about Smartweb by DanDomain here

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