If you are the chauffeur or a passenger on a warehouse-driven business, you probably know the feeling of driving in complete darkness when it comes to your purchasing management. You make adjustments to your seat, turn on the engine and are now ready to send out orders. But then you realize that you are out of gas. The tank is empty – because you haven’t purchased enough products to meet the demand of your customers. Conversely, you may also buy too many products at once, thus skyrocketing your inventory value, due to the fact that your purchases aren’t coordinated with your sales forecasts. Both instances suggest that your purchase management has crashed.

The cause of this crash is most likely due to the fact that you are conducting your purchases based on your gut feeling, Excel sheets or the eye test at the warehouse. This breeds confusion for your employees, yields economic losses and expands the line of unhappy customers. Therefore, you must have a reliable, automatic and user-friendly purchase management system so your business never has to let its foot off the gas.

You will never have to think about speed limits on your growth with Rackbeat’s inventory management system, as it enables you to pump the breaks on dubious purchasing protocols. You and your co-workers will have a perfectly clear dashboard with all your purchase orders – showing you the dates of deliveries, costs, the status of reception, suppliers and re-order recommendations. And when your purchase management runs smoothly, the inventory value will be balanced and your sales will fly off the shelves.

We invite you see Rackbeat and our purchasing management in action – solely based on the needs and set-up of your business. You just have to book a date and our inventory expert will give you a free presentation of our inventory management system. You could also skip right ahead and test drive Rackbeat – completely free of charge for 14 days – with no strings attached.

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