Become a Rackbeat Partner and Secure the Future of Your Warehouse Managing Customers

Are you a digital consultant, bookkeeper or accountant? Then, we offer you the unique opportunity to expand your warehousing and logistics qualifications, which allows you to be even more valuable to your customers. By partnering with Rackbeat you stay on top of the digital wave, and you will be just the expert SMBs are searching for.

With Rackbeat’s data-driven and cloud-based inventory system, your customers will namely be granted the following:

  • Efficient and future-proof control with their warehouse and logistics, since they will have real-time access to their key figures and forecasts. All their data will be stored safely in the digital cloud.
  • The most adaptable warehouse solution. We can tailor-make our software to fit your work routines with our subscriptions and add-ons. Your customers can always buy more modules as their business grows. Furthermore, Rackbeat can integrate with most management software, e.g. your webshop, POS or economic system, since it is an open API.
  • Easy access to the complete overview of their purchases, sales and stock. This allows your customers to meet the demand of their customers and avoid tying their stock up – which will boost their growth rate.


Become a Warehouse Expert in a Week with Rackbeat’s Certification


If you are looking to take a deeper dive into your partnership with Rackbeat, then we highly recommend our Rackbeat certification. The certification process takes a week to complete, and then you can really call yourself a Rackbeat expert.

However, you will always have access to our vast catalog of information on our warehouse management system. Thus, you will never be on your own, as the answers to your questions are always close at hand.

In the event that you should feel like a complete Rackbeat-pro following the certification, you can also conduct the onboarding process for your customers, so they can use Rackbeat right away.


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