Warehouse Management for Wannafind

The benefits you get:

  • Synchronization of current products from Wannafind to Rackbeat

  • Live transfer of sales orders from Wannafind to Rackbeat

  • You choose whether items should be created/maintained through Rackbeat or Wannafind

If you are using Wannafind as the platform for your online shop, then you can integrate your webshop with Rackbeat WMS. The integration will ensure automatic transfer of sales orders and inventory data.

When a purchase has been made through Wannafind, the sales order will be directly transferred to Rackbeat, enabling easy transfer to warehouse staff for fast pick and pack.

After a purchase has been made and the sales order has been transferred to Rackbeat, the number of items in stock will automatically be reduced. Instantly notifying Wannafind about the corrected number.

If you are using E-conomic, Billy, or Dinero, Rackbeat enables the benefit of sales being automatically bookkept.

This integration is brought to you by IEX.

NOTE: $* Since the integration is provided by a third party, there will be an additional cost involved.


What is Wannafind

Wannafind's is delivering fast, secure, and stable hosting solutions, for Danish companies. Wannafind's webshop solution is designed for modern browsers and mobile devices. It follows the latest standards, in addition to offering responsive templates.

  • Domain hosting

  • Webhotel

  • DNS hosting

  • Payment system

You can read more about Wannafind here

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