Real-time Updates on Your Inventory

With Rackbeat, you receive direct real-time updates on your inventory. This means you are never unsure about the quantity of items in stock, included in sales orders or on the way to your warehouse.


Perhaps the most crucial function of an inventory management system is the ability to provide an instant snapshot of the inventory in stock. This helps in determining when to reorder items and avoiding over-purchasing products that might be challenging to sell later. Rackbeat offers you direct updates on your inventory, ensuring that you are always 100% certain about what your company has in stock.

Real-time Updates on Your Inventory

Gain Insight into Your Inventory at All Times - in Real-Time

As soon as a purchase or sale is recorded, the inventory for the products either received at or allocated from your warehouse will be automatically adjusted. In your product overview, you’ll have information about:

– The quantity of items in stock.

– The quantity involved in ongoing orders.

– The quantity that has been ordered from you.


Since this is a core function, you will receive inventory updates with both the basic and premium subscriptions.


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