Inventory Management for App4Sales

  • The App4Sales sales app and B2B webshop streamlines and simplifies the order process for salespeople, agents and customers thanks to the integration with Rackbeat.

  • Real-time exchange of stock balance, item data and customer data as well as customer-specific prices and currencies between App4Sales and Rackbeat

  • In App4Sales, new customers can be added and existing customers updated, which is synced directly to Rackbeat

The integration between Rackbeat and App4Sales ensures that product data, customer data and the stock balance are always up-to-date, both in the sales app and in the B2B webshop. The connection enables a real-time exchange of all data between the systems.

App4Sales is the perfect tool for salespeople, agents and representatives during customer visits and trade fairs. In the app, they can place orders both online and offline, scan QR-codes and barcodes, register new customers, view the product catalog and much more.

In the B2B webshop, customers can place orders directly on their mobile, tablet or computer. They can also check out their order history and self-marked favorites by logging in via a wholesaler button on the website.

The real-time exchange of data means that every order placed in the sales app or in the B2B webshop is synced directly to Rackbeat. All salespeople and agents thus have updated information on the stock levels of all products and can access customer-specific prices and currencies.

The integration thereby replaces the manual work usually required to place an order, saving time and increasing efficiency.

This integration is brought to you by Optimizers.

NOTE: $* Since the integration is provided by a third party, there will be an additional fee involved.


Your Sales App and E-Commerce Platform

App4Sales is part of Optimizers, which provides several e-commerce solutions. In addition to the sales app and B2B webshop, Optimizers offers an e-commerce platform for B2B, B2C and D2C from Vendre on the same ERP system connection as App4Sales. Optimizers also has Tweakwise, an add-on to platforms which optimizes the search engine and increases conversion.

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