Warehouse Management for thirty bees

  • Create and post invoices and credit notes. Synchronize customers, products, and inventory

  • Synchronize products and stock quantities so that your webshop is always in sync with your physical store

  • Send orders for handling in the warehouse, synchronize inventory, and update order statuses in the webshop

Integrate your thirty bees webshop with your accounting, inventory, or point of sale (POS) system. This integration transfers orders, products, customers, and inventory, helping you manage the accounting of your webshop sales and keep track of inventory between your webshop, physical store, and/or warehouse.

Simplify your tasks by automating the transfer of orders, customers, products, and inventory to and from your systems. You can customize the integration to fit your specific needs, providing you with an optimized workflow in your business.

The integration is brought to you by IEX.

Note: $* Since the integration is provided by a third party, there will be an additional cost involved.

thirty bees

How the Integration Works

Orders in the webshop are automatically transferred for processing in your inventory system when they reach a specific order stage set for transfer. When the order is marked as complete in the inventory system, an updated order status is sent to the order in the webshop. When purchasing new items, the inventory quantity should be updated in the inventory system, which serves as the primary system for inventory in the webshop.

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