With Rackbeats add-ons you will be able to further optimize your warehouse management. You can enable tracking of each unique product, direct order communication, print labels and work with expiration date.

This page contains information about the various add-ons and how they can contribute to an optimization of your warehouse management through cost reduction, increasing sales and improving service.


Get different add ons to Rackbeats WMS: Control of serial number, batches, print labels and B2B shop.
Mock up Serial number management
Mock up Serial number management
Mock up Serial number management

Serial number management

Take your warehouse management to the next level with our serial number management add-ons. Simplify the handling of goods and save ressources.

Tracking of each product

Get an overview of each product and where it is located. You can see which serial numbers you have in stock and on each invoice the serial numbers for the items sold will be visible.

Traceability of purchase/sales

Serial numbers for the items sold will be visible on each invoice. You will also be able to connect purchased items with the supplier invoice.

Manage which unique products the customer has purchased

By managing the unique products by serial number, tracking will be more precise and guarantees can easily be managed.

Manage guarantees & warranties

When an item is sold the serial number will be registered on the invoice. An invoice with a specific serial number can easily be found and will help you keep track of valid guarantees.

B2B Shop

We have developed an add-ons that will increase the benefits of warehouse management for companies working B2B

You will get access to features that will reduce costs, increase sales and improve service. 

Direct order communication

Avoid communication across platforms, misunderstandings and confusion regarding the order. Every party involved will have access to the needed information.

Notifications sent directly to the responsible seller

Quick responses to additions or changes are made possible.

Let the customer see your inventory 

Save time by making it easy for your customers to evaluate whether a needed delivery is possible. Making the decision of placing an order easier.

Order management has never been easier

Mock up B2B shop add on
Mock up B2B shop add on
Mock up B2B shop add on
Mock up Label Print add on
Mock up Label Print add on

Label print

Are you looking for a simple solution for printing labels?

Then our Label print add-on is exactly what you need!

Receiving, sending, and handling goods can be very time-consuming.

With this add-on you will be able to design your own labels. 

Label print easily provides you with labels for your products and locations that are compatible with both barcodes and scanners.

We will help you with the entire installation and setup so that you can get started in no time. Updates and maintenance of the system will also be provided by us - ensuring a flawless system at all times. 

Batch management

Achieve complete traceability from procurement of raw materials to production and sales.

Batch management is very efficient when you resell items that have been purchased with a batch number or if you produce batches yourself.

Batch management provides benefits such as:

  • Serial number batch control
  • Options to attach batch control to production, both on finalized and parts of a finalized product
  • Batch tracking from purchase orders
  • Batch tracking of customer orders
  • Customized due date/expiration day to a chosen batch

Based on your inventory and expiration dates you will get an overview of which batches should be next in line to leave the warehouse.

Achieve complete traceability

which makes it easy to locate products from a specific batch in case you need to recall certain products. In case you experience trouble with some products the system makes it easy to identify the supplier of those goods.

Stop using unnecessary time tracing products or batches. Rackbeat makes all of it easy and gives you the opportunity to react faster to problems.

Batch management is especially fitting for companies working with food, medicine or other products with a short expiration date.

Mock up Batch management
Mock up Batch management
Mock up Batch management
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