Create, Send and Monitor Sales Orders

You can easily create, send and track your sales orders using Rackbeat. Add the customer, items, delivery date, print the packing slip & pick list, confirm the shipment and more.


It should be as easy and straightforward as possible to register and track your sales orders. You shouldn’t spend too much time on manual processes but instead focus on the most important aspect of your business – generating more sales. In Rackbeat, you can efficiently create and send your orders with just a few clicks and keep an eye on all your sales orders, whether you choose the basic or premium subscription.


Create, Send and Monitor Sales Orders

Simplify Your Sales Orders with Rackbeat's Order Management

There are several ways to do it. However, two common approaches to handling sales orders frequently appear among our customers. In the first method, your sales order is processed in your webshop. Your sales orders from the webshop will then appear in the order overview in Rackbeat as your webshop and your inventory system are integrated.


As mentioned, you can also handle everything directly from Rackbeat:


Start by selecting the customer from your customer list. Then, choose the items on the product line or item assembly line. Type in a desired delivery date, add a note if necessary and confirm the sales order. After that, the customer can receive an order confirmation.


When you’re ready to pack the items, go ahead and create a shipment. Pick the items from the pick list, print and send a packing slip, confirm that the order is ready to be shipped, and you can even handle the invoicing right away.



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