Warehouse Management for Customers 1st

The benefits you get:

  • Avoid importing the sales manually from the cash register to Rackbeat

  • Live synchronization of inventory data from Customers 1st to Rackbeat WMS

  • Inventory updates from Rackbeat to Customers 1st happens automatically and vice versa

  • Product updates from Rackbeat to Customers 1st happens automatically and vice versa

Are you using Servicepos as your point-of-sales system? By connecting Customers 1st to Rackbeat’s inventory management system you are guaranteed 24/7 access to updated inventory data for all your locations.

Sales from your cash register will automatically get transferred to Rackbeat and the inventory count will be adjusted for that specific location. Making sure that you always have accurate data about the inventory for all stores and locations.

This integration is brought to you by Customers 1st.

What Are the Benefits from Integrating Your POS and Inventory Management System? Book a Free Demo 


Does it sound smart, time-saving and digital to connect your POS with an Inventory Management System – but you are still on the fence whether it will work for your business? Then book a free demo presentation of Rackbeat. One of our inventory experts will show you how Rackbeat works and adds to the rest of your set-up.


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Customers 1st

What is Customers 1st

Customers 1st is a Point-of-Sales system for those with both sales and service in their business. You can sell, receive payments, keep track of transactions, and much more, all in one intuitive system.

You can read more about Customers 1st here

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