Let Rackbeat Manage Your Inventory

An Overview of Rackbeat's Prices and Subscription Types

There is no need to pay for more features than you need when choosing your warehouse management system. That’s why Rackbeat offers you two different subscription types at two different prices, each tailored to the complexity of your company’s needs. If you are not quite sure what to choose, you can read more about Rackbeats subscriptions.

If you’re searching in vain for specific features in our subscription packages, we more than likely offer them as add-on modules. You can always purchase our various add-on modules, regardless of the subscription you choose, and you find them right here.

We offer assistance with technical setup and startup, and you’ll have unlimited access to our support during opening hours.

*All prices on the website are listed excluding VAT.


49 EUR


Inventory Valuation Method: Weighted Average Cost

The Full Inventory Overview in the "Products" tab

Order Management

Purchasing Management

Discount Management


Reorder recommendations

Move products between locations

Import and export CSV files

Efficient picking and packing


Ability to filter overviews

Only one integration

Get Started


99 EUR


All the features from the basic package as well as:

Multiple Inventory Valuation Methods: FIFO + Weighted Average Cost

Access to the Mobile App

Bill of Materials

A Full Manufacturing Overview

Custom Fields

Divide Your Warehouse into Sublocations

Multidimensional location management

The Option to Quality Assure Your Products Upon Reception

The Unit Converter

Unlimited Amount of Rackbeat Integrations

Get Started

Which Subscription Is the Right One for My Business? 

It can feel overwhelming to begin using an inventory management system if you haven’t previously used software to handle this part of your business. Therefore, we are happy to help you get started by making it easy to figure out which subscription suits your particular company and inventory management needs.


We recommend our basic subscription if you have a small business with simple workflows without the need to work with things like bill of materials and manufacturing. However, there are no limitations on the number of products you can create or the number of orders you can receive.

When you create your products, you can even specify a minimum inventory quantity, so you receive a notification in the system, i.e., a reorder recommendation, when you need to replenish the specific item. Thus, you can ensure that customers don’t encounter out-of-stock items.

With our purchasing management, you get a complete overview of all your purchases. In the “Purchasing” tab, you can find all the information related to your orders, such as suppliers, whether the orders are invoiced, the desired delivery date, purchase price and more.

You also get our order management. You find it in the “Sales” tab, where you can access all the orders your company has created for customers. In the user-friendly dashboard, you can oversee customers, the status of bookkeeping, invoicing, deliveries as well as the sales prices of your sales orders.

Of course, Rackbeat also provides you with a comprehensive overview of your inventory status under the “Product” tab, so you always have a complete view of your stock. Here, you can do stock counts, see how many products are available for an order, perform stock movements and more.

The inventory valuation method your company uses is crucial in determining which subscription you should choose since the basic subscription can only handle the Weighted Average Cost inventory valuation method. You can read about the differences between average cost and FIFO, which we offer in our premium package, right here.

If you don’t manage a physical warehouse yourself, Rackbeat also has the perfect feature for you. We give you the option to run dropshipping, ensuring that orders are sent to your suppliers and customers receive their products on time. Read more about dropshipping here.

Note: With our basic subscription, you can only integrate with one other software system.

If you discover that you need more features or if your business outgrows the basic subscription, you can switch to our premium subscription with just a few clicks, without losing valuable data.


We recommend our premium subscription for slightly larger businesses with a need for more advanced or specific features. In addition to accessing all the features from the basic package, you primarily gain the ability to work with the FIFO inventory valuation method in our premium subscription.

If you work with bills of materials or manufacturing, we also recommend our premium subscription. The bill of materials allows you to compile lists of all the subcomponents required for the finished product you manufacture. Here, you can always see the availability of each component in the inventory and add measurements, weight and other essential descriptions. You also get a manufacturing overview in the “Inventory” tab, i.e. called “Production” in our system, where you can see order numbers, when a manufacturing has started, prices and the expected delivery date.

You can also customize the system to display just the information you need. This feature is called custom fields. In both PDFs and dashboards, you can add additional information to your items, customers, suppliers, orders and more.

The premium package also provides you with the unit converter, allowing you to purchase items in one unit, store them in another and sell them in a completely different one. Read more about the unit converter here.

The premium subscription enables you to divide your inventory into sublocations, so you can see what you have at the shelf or drawer level on your different locations.

If you want to integrate more than one system with Rackbeat, such as both your accounting system and an online shop, you also need to get our premium subscription. It gives you an unlimited number of integrations, allowing you to consolidate all your systems into one platform.

Still not entirely sure which subscription is suitable for your company? Then we are always ready to have a conversation with you about your specific workflows and needs, so you can be confident that Rackbeat is the right fit for you.

Additionally, you will gain access to Rackbeats mobile app with 1 login per Premium user. This means that if you log in with the same user on two devices at the same time, one of the devices will lose access. So, if multiple devices need access to the mobile app, you’ll have to either purchase an extra Premium user or a mobile user. The mobile app enables you to quickly, easily and efficiently handle essential inventory tasks directly from your smartphone. Learn more about the mobile user here.