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The Right Plan for Your Business

Get an overview of Rackbeat’s subscriptions and prices here.

There is no need to pay for more functionality than you need when you purchase your new Inventory Management System, and that is why we offer two different subscriptions to Rackbeat, with two different price tags, based on the complexity of your company’s needs.

In addition, we offer help with onboarding and technical support, as well as a selection of available add-ons.

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49 USD


Inventory valuation method: Weighted Average Cost

Simple product data management

Order management

Purchasing management


Move inventory between locations

Discount Groups

Get Started


99 USD


Everything from: Basic+

Multiple inventory valuation methods: FIFO + Weighted Average Cost

Multiple integrations

BOM (Bill Of Materials)

Manufacturing orders

Advanced Product Information Management

Multidimensional location management

Quality Assurance

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Which subscription is the right one for my business? 

It can feel overwhelming to begin using a warehouse management system if you have not previously used software for this part of your business. Therefore, we are happy to help you get started by making it easy to figure out which subscription is right for your particular company and your particular inventory management needs.


We recommend using our basic subscription if you run a small business with simple workflows and without the need to work with e.g. bill of materials and production. As with all Rackbeat subscriptions, there are no restrictions on how many products you can create or how many orders you can receive and process. However, with our basic subscription, you only have the option of integrating with one other system (e.g. your financial system).

The inventory valuation method used by your company is also decisive for which subscription you should choose, as the basic subscription can only handle one inventory valuation method: Weighted Average Cost. 

Should you ever need additional features or, if your business outgrows the basic subscription, you can easily switch to our premium subscription – without losing precious data. 


We recommend using our premium subscription if you run a slightly larger company with more complex needs, which require access to more advanced features. If you work with the inventory valuation method FIFO, you will need a premium subscription.

We also recommend our premium subscription, if you work with bill of materials, production, or discount groups. Premium also provides access to multidimensional location management, giving you insights into exactly what you have in stock on every shelf in every stockholding location. 

If you want to integrate more than one system to Rackbeat, for example, both your financial system and an e-commerce shop, then you must also get hold of our premium subscription. Here you get an unlimited number of integrations to all your systems, thereby gathering all data to one platform.

Our add-on modules: serial number management and batch management are only available as an add-on if you have a premium subscription, why this can also be decisive for which subscription you should choose.

Are you still not quite sure which subscription is right for your business? Then we are ready to talk to you about your specific workflows and needs. All you need to do is find the right date in your calendar and book one of our inventory management experts.


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