Warehouse Management for PowerOffice Go

The integration between Rackbeat and PowerOffice Go ensures the smooth transition of your data by:

  • Synchronizing of your current products, suppliers, discount groups, VATs, units, currencies and projects from PowerOffice Go to Rackbeat

  • Transferring your sales invoices from Rackbeat to PowerOffice Go as drafts

  • Making sure that all new/ updated information on your products, bills of materials and customers are automatically transferred from Rackbeat to PowerOffice Go

  • Conducting the transfer of all orders from Rackbeat to PowerOffice Go as soon as they have been invoiced

Your accounting and warehouse management have to be aligned in order for you to secure the optimal operation of your business. Thus, it is incredibly important that your pair of aces are connected at all times. To bridge the two, you need a seamless integration that unites your stocks and accounts through the process of synchronization – without the loss of data, such as invoices, orders and stock counts.

When you integrate Rackbeat and PowerOffice Go all of your warehouse data is automatically aligned with your accounts in Power Office Go. This means that you can wave goodbye to typos, lost data and minor catastrophes. Furthermore, the two systems are able to continually hand each other information to keep you updated at all times.

The integration is facilitated by emonkey who will answer all of your questions if they have not been clarified on this site. Just click this link. Since the integration is provided by a third party, there might be an additional fee involved.

PowerOffice Go

What is PowerOffice Go?

PowerOffice Go is one of the preferred accounting programs of Norway’s many small and medium-sized businesses. It gives you full control of:

  • Invoicing and wages

  • Time registration as well as vacation and absence management

  • Outstanding pay and payments in a real-time overview as it speaks to all Norwegian banks

With PowerOffice Go you are certain that your money is taken care of at all times. PowerOffice Go helps all small and medium-sized businesses balance their accounts and thereby maximize their growth and potential for scaling.

You can read more about PowerOffice Go here

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