The Full Production Overview

Create a production order, order goods directly from the order and keep track of all ongoing and completed customer orders in Rackbeat.


Several processes need to work seamlessly when running an efficient manufacturing. For example, you need to order raw materials on time, assemble them with bills of materials for the right production orders and ensure they are shipped on time. If one link lags, either because you manage your production manually in spreadsheets or use systems that don’t communicate, the entire throughput time in your manufacturing slows down. In contrast, Rackbeat keeps the wheels turning and provides you with the complete overview of the production.

The Full Production Overview

Keep the Wheels of Production Turning and an Eye on the Orders

As soon as you receive a customer order for a specific finished product, you can go ahead and create a production order. Here, you select the bill of materials with all the necessary sub-components, the quantity of finished products ordered, the production manager and an expected start and delivery date.


If you then discover that some raw materials are missing from the inventory before the production order can be processed, you have the option to create an order from your supplier directly from the production order. This way, the process never comes to a complete halt.


Now you can get a comprehensive overview of all your ongoing and completed production orders. When you click on “Production” under the goods tab, you will see your order numbers with corresponding bills of materials, customers, employees, production statuses, and expected delivery dates. The overview thus streamlines your entire production from start to finish.


The full production overview is a feature that comes only with the purchase of our premium subscription.


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