Rackbeat's Starter Package

Our onboarding starter package can be selected as an add-on if you need help setting up your Rackbeat agreement and integrating it with your other applications such as your accounting system, shipping system and webshop. A specialist will ensure that your systems are seamlessly connected, so you don’t have to worry about the technical details.

Additionally, purchasing an onboarding package is a good idea if you have items that need to be equipped with batch or serial numbers. Our startup specialist will ensure that all items are correctly set up.

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Onboarding Package

1.500 EUR

Startup Call (Duration: 45 min.)

Agreement Setup

Integration Setup

Data Import

Online Training

Includes Batch/Serial Number Setup

Follow-Up Call (Duration: 30 minutes)

1:1 Contact Person for 30 Days

Guidance for Your Onboarding

It can be challenging to set up the system yourself. Therefore, you can delve deeper into what our starter package offers you, have a conversation with a specialist about your onboarding options or visit our extensive help center for more information about the system and setup:

Why Choose the Starter Package?

If you would like to receive training from a specialist who will set up and show you how your workflows function in practice, then it’s a good idea to purchase our starter package. You will also have the specialist as a direct contact person for 30 days after the training. This means you have an open door to a specialist who is familiar with your setup and business if any questions arise.

Why Choose the Starter Package?
An Open Line to Guide You

If you are not entirely sure about the specifics in our starter package, it is a good idea to talk to a specialist before you make a purchase. Here, you can get a detailed explanation of our onboarding and ask any questions you may have about the proces so you are fully informed about your options.

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An Open Line to Guide You
Self-Help Resources

In addition, you will always have self-help at hand in the form of our extensive help center, where you can find articles on everything from A-Z in Rackbeat. We have a lot of guides tailored to you in the startup phase, help articles for workflow challenges and guidance for your integrations. You will also always have access to our support via chat, phone, or email if any challenges arise.

Self-Help Resources

11006Starter Package

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A-hjort put the customer at its center, with its inspiring assortment of Danish design jewelry and its own collection.

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Seacom offers communication systems to ships worldwide so products and crew members can reach the shores safely.

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The Danish furniture company Scanliving has produced sustainable quality bedframes for children and youngsters, since 1989.

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