Become a Certified Rackbeat Partner with a Free Certification

When you complete Rackbeat’s online certification you become an official Rackbeat partner. This means that you will be able to provide business owners and, especially, warehouse-operating businesses with first-rate guidance regarding the digitalization of their setups. Aside from upgrading your skills as a consultant, you will also gain the following:

  • An increased online presence. We will put your company name on our certified list of partners.
  • Broader interest from customers. As you have visual proof of certified skills within a specified field of knowledge, you will undoubtedly be a bigger draw for potential and current customers.
  • The chance to expand your business model. You will be eligible to take on the Rackbeat-onboarding for your customers.


This Is How You Become a Certified Rackbeat Partner


The process is straightforward. First, you fill out our form which we will read and approve of.

Then, we will send you a link to our educational videoes which have a playing time of 5 hours. The videos are on-demand.

Finally, to pass the certification, you have to complete 3 written tasks with 10-15 questions in each task.

You do not have to watch the educational videos and solve the tasks right away. You will have 7 days to complete the certification from the day we approve your form.