If you are standing behind the wheel, or onboard, of a warehouse driven company in which the product is the anchor, then you must have a complete overview of your order management. Rackbeat’s inventory management system gives you just that as it makes sure that you stay in touch with all of your orders throughout their journey from the supplier to your warehouse all the way to your customer.

Rackbeat is a user-friendly, reliable and easily integrated system. When you create an order at your supplier, your purchases will appear in the purchasing tab. Here, you will be able to see when the order is placed, received and booked – as well as the cost prices of the products. In the sales tab, you will also have an overview in which you can see when an order has been booked, delivered and invoiced.

Rackbeat is easily integrated with many webshops, POS- and shipping providers allowing you to receive real-time updates on all your orders. Thus, you orders will never be lost at sea – and that is vital to your time management, economy and your customers.