Warehouse Management for ScanNet

  • An order is received in the webshop. At a specific order status, such as "processing," the order is sent to the warehouse

  • The goods are dispatched from the warehouse, and the inventory is reduced. A "fulfillment status" is sent to the webshop.

  • The order is marked as completed in the webshop, and the order amount is deducted from the customer. (The deduction is managed by the payment gateway)

  • The order is sent to the accounting department, where an invoice is generated. The amounts are verified, and the invoice is recorded

Connect ScanNet with your accounting, cash register (POS), or inventory system for automatic transfer of orders, credit notes, customers, products, and inventory. ScanNet is a hosted webshop that offers numerous expansion possibilities through app extensions and API integration.

Enhance your workflows by automating your data transfer to and from ScanNet. The transfer can be customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring that the setup best supports your business. Let the management of orders, accounting, and inventory take care of itself while saving time and money.

The integration is brought to you by IEX.

Note: $* Since the integration is provided by a third party, there may be an additional fee involved.


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