Reorder Reminders

Receive automatic reorder reminders, allowing you to order new items before the inventory becomes too low to meet demand.


It can be challenging to figure out exactly when it’s time to order new items for your inventory. Nevertheless, it is essential for your business to have the product ready when your customers want to make a purchase, so they don’t experience delivery delays or empty shelves. Rackbeat helps you avoid this by enabling you to receive automatic reorder reminders.

Reorder Reminders

Get Reorder Reminders Before the Inventory Runs Low

To receive reorder reminders:


First, determine a minimum inventory level for each item you want to receive reorder reminders for – i.e., a numerical limit for the amount of items available for new sales orders in the inventory. You could calculate this by looking at your past sales and purchase reports in Rackbeat to get an idea of how quickly items are normally sold. After setting the minimum level, you will be notified within the system when the minimum threshold is reached. You can then place your orders under the purchasing tab in Rackbeat as soon as a reorder recommendation comes in.


You can receive reorder recommendations in both the basic and premium packages.


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