Purchasing Management

With Rackbeat’s purchasing management, you can order new products, have a complete overview of your suppliers, purchases, and invoices as well as register goods received.


As soon as the inventory is running low, it’s time to order new products. It can take time if you are bound to dig through email correspondences between you and the supplier or try to get through the phone line to a wholesaler. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in your inbox or on the phone with Rackbeat’s purchasing management.

Purchasing Management

Order, Get an Overview and Register Goods with Rackbeat's Purchasing Management

With just a few clicks, you can order products directly from your supplier. After selecting the items and specifying a desired delivery date, you can access the order in your purchasing overview, where you can keep a close eye on it. Here, you also see all order numbers, billing status, whether the orders are partially or fully delivered, the total amount and which employees have approved your orders. When your purchases have arrived at the warehouse, you can go to orders and register a full or partial goods receipt – depending on whether all items have arrived in the same shipment. Afterward, the goods will be added to your inventory to reconcile it.


Additionally, you also get an overview of all your suppliers and supplier invoices. In the supplier overview, you can add important information such as CVR numbers, emails, phone numbers, exchange rates and tax zones, so you always have your purchasing agreements in order.


You can use purchasing management with both the basic and premium subscription.


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