E-conomic offers an easy-to-use online accounting program with all the features needed: 

  • Bookkeeping
  • Create and send invoices, offers and place orders
  • Attachments can easily be added
  • VAT assistance

When you have your finances under control, you have your business under control. E-conomic makes running your business easy, by ensuring your finances are always on track. E-conomic is developed to optimize the workflow of both small and medium-sized enterprises, in all industries. 

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WMS for e-conomic

No more wasting time because of typing errors and lost data. With Rackbeats integration your inventory data will automatically be transferred to e-conomic.

Accounting- and Warehouse management systems are closely linked. Therefore this integration is built to connect your inventory and accounts. This ensures that your business operates optimally. Keep track of your invoices, orders and inventory value easily.

Efficient control of your business.

The integration enables:

  • Synchronization of current products, suppliers and customers from Visma e-conomic to Rackbeat
  • New and updated customer, product, and supplier information will automatically get transferred from Rackbeat to e-conomic.
  • Supplier invoices gets transferred from Rackbeat to e-conomic
  • Sales invoices get transferred from Rackbeat to e-conomic as drafts or booked.