Serial Number Management

With the ability to track your purchases and sales with serial numbers, you can monitor your ordered or sold items and retrieve the invoice immediately. This saves you valuable time and wasted effort.


It is always an advantage, especially in terms of time optimization, to be able to quickly and comprehensively overview all of your products, whether they are purchased for the warehouse or sold to a customer. If you suddenly need to recall a product, it can be challenging not only to locate its position but also to match the specific item with the entire series it belongs to as well as keeping track of the invoicing for the series. Rackbeat’s serial number management makes it easy for you to track all your products and find the invoices they appear on.

Serial Number Management

Keep Track of Your Products, Invoices and Warranties with Serial Number Management

If you sell electronics or products that include electronic components, you may encounter situations where faults are discovered in the goods. It could be an isolated case for the unique product, but it could also be a defect in the entire series. Regardless, all items from the series must be traceable and recalled promptly. Additionally, there may be warranties to be upheld regarding the products, making it even more important to be able to track your goods, so you can easily and quickly retrieve invoices. These are some of the things that Rackbeat’s serial number management enables you to do.


Under “Reporting,” you will find your serial number overview by clicking on “Serial Numbers.” Here, all your items with registered serial numbers will be listed. Besides the specific serial numbers, you will also see the item numbers, item names, locations, order numbers and sales order numbers if they have been sold. And if you need to find an invoice, whether it’s a supplier or customer invoice, simply click on the respective order or sales order number, where the invoice will appear when created. This way, you never lose sight of the item or invoice with serial number management.


Serial number management is an add-on. Therefore, it is NOT included in the basic or premium subscription.


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