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Take your warehouse management to the next level and simplify the process of handling goods with our serial number management add-on.

Below, you can read more about which features you get access to with serial number management and how the add-on module can help to optimize your inventory management.

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You can add serial number management to your premium subscription at any time

Serial number management

49 USD

Per month per user

Supplement to premium

Traceability of purchase/sales

Manage which unique products the customer has purchased

Tracking of each product

Manage guarantees & warranties

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Tracking of individual products

Get an overview of each individual product and where it is located. You can see which serial numbers you have in stock and the serial numbers for the items sold will be visible on invoices.

With product tracking you always have a real-time overview of the location of individual products. Find out which serial numbers are in stock and which serial numbers were sold on a specific invoice.

Traceability of purchase/sales
Understand which serial numbers are sold on each invoice. You also have an option to register which supplier invoice a serial number is purchased on. This gives you complete traceability in connection with both purchases and sales.

Track unique products with serial number management

When implementing serial number management there will never be any doubts about which product a customer has purchased. This allows you to track a unique product and keep track of the customer’s valid garanties.

Manage guarantees & warranties

When an item is sold the serial number is registered on the invoice manually or by scanning it. An invoice with a specific serial number can easily be found and will help you keep track of valid guarantees and warranties.