The Registration of Goods

You can easily and quickly register your goods when they arrive at your warehouse, so they can be added to your inventory.


When you run a warehouse, you need to have complete control over the registration of your purchased goods. If you do this manually in inventory sheets, there is a great risk that you will forget it in a busy everyday life. This will have unpleasant consequences for your business. Because if you do not register your received goods, your inventory will not be updated, making it difficult for you to buy correctly next time while you will have a skewed inventory value. Rackbeat makes it easy for you to register your goods receipts – both for partial and complete delivery.

The Registration of Goods

How to Register Your Goods Receipts in Rackbeat

When the pallets, packages, or boxes with your ordered goods arrive at your warehouse, it is time to register the receipt and update your inventory. It is actually a quite simple action in Rackbeat. You simply go to the purchase tab, where you have an overview of all your orders. Here you find the purchase order you have just received and press “ready for receipt.” If you now discover that some of the goods are damaged, you have the option to attach a picture as documentation. If everything else is as it should be, you are ready to click “Receive,” so the goods can be added to your inventory.


If you want to read more about the registration of goods receipts, we have written a more in-depth helpdesk article here.

However, it may also be that you do not receive all the goods at once. We handle this with a partial delivery.


Partial Receipt of an Order

It is also quite simple to make a partial receipt in Rackbeat. When you are to confirm your goods receipt, you just adjust the quantity of goods you have received. Afterward, the purchase order will have the status “partially received” in your order overview. When you then receive the rest of the goods from the order, you go back to the partially received order. Here, the remaining item lines and the previously received goods will appear. If everything matches, you just confirm the receipt to complete the entire purchase order.


You can register all the goods receipts your warehouse can handle, with both our basic and premium subscription. If you also want to quality assure your products, you need to get the premium subscription. Read more about our quality assurance of your products here.


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