Quality Assurance of Products

This feature helps you remember to check whether your goods are in good condition when you receive your orders from the supplier. If the goods are damaged, you can upload a picture as documentation, so everything can be sorted out.


Whether you are dealing with food, ceramics, electronics, it’s a good idea to check if the goods are in proper condition when you receive them. They may have come a long way, and the journey may have been turbulent. Therefore, it is important to check if the quality is top-notch before the customer receives a product that needs to be returned. Rackbeat provides you with a small feature that reminds you to quality-assure your products.

Quality Assurance of Products

Check If the Quality Is Good

You get your own purchasing tab in Rackbeat, where you can order new goods directly from your suppliers. When the delivery truck arrives with the goods at your warehouse, you can give the boxes or pallets a thorough inspection. If everything is as it should be, you go to “Receipts” in Rackbeat, where you can check the box for “Quality assured.” If some of the goods are in poor condition, you can choose to take a picture, which you can upload to document the damage.


Thus, Rackbeat provides you with a small digital reminder to quality-assure your goods receipts and help you avoid return orders and disappointed customers. The quality assurance feature is included in the premium subscription.



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