Send an Offer They Cannot Refuse

You can send offers to your customers and convert them into sales orders as soon as they accept the offer.


If you get the idea that there might be some customers out there who would welcome a reasonable quantity discount or a seasonal impulse purchase, they need a good offer. In Rackbeat, you can send out as many offers as you like. And if the customer accepts, you can quickly create a sales order.

Send an Offer They Cannot Refuse

Send Exclusive Offers to Your Customers

The offer itself is generated as a PDF. In addition to including the products in question, you can attach a note, choose an expected delivery date, set a validity period for the offer, display payment terms and more.


Once the offer is sent, you can track its status in the offer overview. If the customer accepts the offer, you can quickly convert it into a sales order and/or an invoice. You can provide offers and convert them into sales orders, whether you choose a basic or premium subscription.


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