Warehouse Management for Shopbox

The benefits you get:

  • You can choose whether to maintain products in Shopbox or Rackbeat

  • New and updated products will be transferred automatically between the systems

  • Sales from Shopbox will be transferred as an inventory adjustment to Rackbeat on the specific location

If you are using Shopbox as your POS system, you can easily integrate the system to Rackbeat WMS. By connecting Shopbox to Rackbeat warehouse management you are guaranteed 24/7 access to updated inventory data for all your locations.
Sales from your cash register/POS will automatically get transferred to Rackbeat and the inventory count will be adjusted for that specific location. The integration ensures that you always have accurate data about the inventory for all stores and locations where you have inventory.

This integration is brought to you by Rackbeat.


What is Shopbox

Shopbox is a complete Point-Of-Sale system that takes care of all your sales needs. It is a It is a complete digital POS solution allowing instant access to inventory, reports and sales metrics on the go.

  • Compatible to all your business systems

  • Accepts popular payment methods

  • Online access to data and insights in real-time

  • Fast transactions - online and offline

You can read more about Shopbox here

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