Inventory Counting

It is easy and efficient to perform a stock count with Rackbeat, and you can pull clear counting reports, which you can always access.


When you run a warehouse, you are familiar with the regular stock counts. They are crucial to ensure that your inventory and inventory values match reality. At the same time, it is important to perform counts so that you have the right starting point when you need to order more goods. Rackbeat gives you several options to perform your stock counts, so the system can fit into your workflows.


Inventory Counting

Import Your Stock Counts or Scan Them with Our Mobile User

Overall, you have two options for registering your stock counts in Rackbeat:


1. If you work in the system from your browser, most of our users do this by importing their stock counts from an Excel sheet. This is done under “Adjustment,” where you add the product’s name, quantity, and storage location. However, you can also create them manually in the system by pressing “Create new adjustment.”

2. When you purchase our mobile user module, you will be able to scan your stock count directly from the floor into the system. We have made a small video so you can see how it’s done here, and you can read more about our mobile app here.


Regardless of which counting method you prefer, both forms of stock counting will appear in your inventory, product account card, transaction report, and counting report in the system.


You can import and manually register your stock count with both the basic and premium subscription. If you want to scan your stock count from the floor, you need to get our mobile user.


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