Give Your Customers Access to Your Stock

Rackbeat’s B2B webshop ensures that your customers can always see your current inventory and communicate directly with a sales manager.


If you sell larger or smaller batches of goods to an intermediary who resells to the end customer, you probably don’t have a webshop. Instead, you manage your sales orders through an order management system, spreadsheets or emails. The problem is that your inventory is not updated in real time, and your customers cannot see how much you have in stock. This means they have no idea how many items to expect within a reasonable timeframe. But with Rackbeat’s B2B webshop, your customers get closer to your business as they can see your inventory and communicate directly with a salesperson.

Give Your Customers Access to Your Stock

Bring the Customer Closer to You with Rackbeat's B2B Webshop

When you purchase Rackbeat’s B2B module, you can create unique user logins for all your customers, allowing them direct access to your current inventory, which is automatically updated as soon as a product arrives or leaves your warehouse. They will always be able to see the quantity of products in stock when placing an order, as well as the prices of all items. This not only provides excellent service to your customers but also opens up opportunities for upselling, as you can combine direct access to inventory with Rackbeat’s quoting features.


Customers also get much closer to your business, as sales managers can communicate directly with the customer through the order in real-time. As soon as a sales manager is assigned to an order, they will receive an immediate notification when a customer makes an inquiry. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings while increasing processing time, as you consolidate customer dialogue on the same platform.


If you want to give your customers access to your stock, you need to purchase the add-on “B2B module.”


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