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Better service for your customers

We have developed an add-on for companies that are working B2B and would like to increase the benefits of warehouse management.

In the add-on B2B module you will get access to features that will help you reduce costs, enable additional sales, optimize your webshop and improve customer service for your clients.

You can read more about how to get started with one of the add-ons here.

You can purchase the B2B module at any time, regardless of whether you have a basic or premium subscription

B2B module

99 USD

Per month/10 users

Supplement to Basic and premium

Direct order communication

Notifications sent directly to the responsible seller

The client can see your inventory

EASY order management

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Direct order communication

Avoid communication across platforms, misunderstandings and confusion regarding the order. Every party involved will have access to the needed information.

By communicating directly in an order, you decrease the risk of misunderstandings, since all communication is limited to one platform. All involved parties will be able to follow exactly what is happening with the order.

Notifications sent directly to sales

Quick responses to additions or changes are made possible.

When a person is tagged in an order, an instant notification is received. As a result, the responsible sales person will always be able to act fast to changes to the order.

Let customers access your inventory

With direct access to your inventory, you are making it both easy and fast for your customers to check if a certain item can be delivered within the desired time of delivery. This will make the decision process about placing an order more efficient.

By making your inventory accessible to your customers, your company will save resources on inquiries about availability of goods.


Would you like to see and hear how Rackbeat can take your business a step further?

If you want to know how Rackbeat works in real life – based on your specific set-up, then we strongly advice that you book a free Rackbeat demo.

One of our experienced inventory experts will show you how Rackbeat works in an online presentation – based exclusively on your needs.


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