Custom Fields

With Rackbeat’s premium subscription, you can create your very own information fields for your products, customers, suppliers, invoices and more. These custom fields can then be added to your PDFs, overviews and your B2B webshop.


Workflows are often very specific, which is why the procedures of two companies rarely look exactly the same. Unfortunately, most systems do not always offer significant opportunities to tailor them to your unique needs. Therefore, you often have to deal with makeshift solutions or miss functionality in your daily work. In Rackbeat, we have tried to counteract this as much as possible through our custom fields.

Custom Fields

Shape Your Workflows with Custom Fields

The custom fields can be seen as extra information fields that you can attach to your customers, products, suppliers, orders, sales orders and invoices. The fields can then be included in your PDFs, added to your overviews, such as the product and sales order overviews, or you can use them to filter your products if you have a B2B webshop in Rackbeat.


There are different types of fields: small or large text fields, checkboxes and choices.


An example of how many of our users apply the custom fields is by creating a text field with customer categories. It could be that you have different types of customers – depending on how often or how much they buy from you: i.e., you could differentiate between basic, silver or gold customers. Once the field is created, you can link it to your sales order overview and include it on the customer’s invoice, which can be sent as a PDF or email. As mentioned, you can also create custom fields for your B2B webshop. Here, you can choose the “choices” type, so your customers can choose between different colors, brands or sizes.


If you want the ability to create custom fields, you need to subscribe to a premium plan.


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