Trace Your Products with Batch

Rackbeat’s batch management enables you to track your goods, regardless of their location. If you need to recall a batch or a product, you can quickly find their location while closely monitoring expiration dates.


Inventory control is crucial, especially if you sell goods where the expiration date requires careful attention, such as food or pharmaceutical products. Here, you need an overview of the expiration dates of all purchased or produced products so you can always sell the earliest arrivals first or recall a batch if you receive notice of issues with any of the items. With Rackbeat’s batch management, you gain complete control over your goods.

Trace Your Products with Batch

Total Traceability of Your Goods with Rackbeat's Batch Management

Rackbeat’s batch management ensures that you can trace the goods you have ordered or produced yourself, whether they are on their way to you, in your warehouse, in transit with the freight system or have arrived at your customer’s location. This means that if your goods are defective, damaged or expired, you can quickly and efficiently identify their location based on their batch number and either send them back to the supplier or register them as waste.


If you need to recall a batch, you simply click on your batch control in Rackbeat, where you get a complete overview of all products with batch management. Here, you see all the essential information about each item: the batch number, the date of batch reception, expiration date, quantity of items, supplier, sales order number and the customer. This allows you to easily determine the whereabouts of all items from the batch, saving you a lot of time and frustration in finding a needle in a haystack.


You can trace your products with a batch number when you purchase the add-on “Batch Management,” so it does NOT automatically come with either the basic or premium subscription.


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