The Unit Converter

With Rackbeat’s unit converter, you can break down your items into different units, allowing you to order specific quantities from your supplier and sell them in alternative units to your customers.


If, for example, you deal with food or textiles, you might purchase larger quantities from your supplier than you sell to your customers. In this case, it is crucial that you can divide the item into different units, enabling you to maximize your profit on the product, meet customer needs and keep track of inventory. Rackbeat’s unit converter enables you to purchase your items in one specific unit, stock them in another and sell them in a third.

The Unit Converter

Working with Different Units in Rackbeat

Let’s say you purchase wine, sugar or yarn in pallets from your supplier and want to sell the products in boxes, grams or bags to your customers. First, go to the “Units” section in the Rackbeat product tab and create the various types of units. Then, specify a standard unit for each product, to which you add the alternative units you want to order, stock  and sell the product. Now, you can freely define the selling prices, barcodes and a standard sales and purchase unit for the additional units.


Now you are ready to use the unit converter in practice! Suppose your inventory is running low, and you decide to order more from your supplier. The system suggests your standard unit, such as pallets for red wine and shows you how many units you already have in stock to avoid ordering too much. 


Next, you receive an order from a customer, and you want to create a sales order immediately. When creating the sales order, the system will automatically suggest your standard sales unit, which you can, of course, change according to the customer’s order, and show you how many units you have available. Finally, you can add both the sales unit, for example, boxes, and the piece count in the box to the customer’s invoice.


Rackbeat provides you with great flexibility when dealing with your products and a full overview of the number of units in your inventory. The unit converter is available in our premium subscription, and you can learn more about working with units right here.


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