The Complete Product Overview

Create your products and product groups to keep track of your inventory, cost prices, selling prices, etc. You get a lot of functionality that ensures the optimal product overview and can be customized to fit your workflows.


The product can be considered the lead actor in any warehouse-driven business. Therefore, you must have a comprehensive overview of all product movements, information and compositions in real time. Rackbeat provides you with full control over your products, ensuring that the product never becomes a mere extra in your enterprise.

The Complete Product Overview

Put the Product at the Center Stage

You can create all the products and product groups you want in Rackbeat and attach selling prices and cost prices in different currencies. Afterward, you can always keep an eye on how many of each product you have in stock, included in ongoing orders, available and ordered in your product overview, which will be updated as soon as a product movement is registered.


Additionally, you also get a lot of functionality that can be tailored to your workflows when it comes to product management and everyday warehouse operations. For example, you can break down your products into meters, kilograms, hours, pieces, or register service hours. And if there is a need to rearrange some products or conduct a stock count, you can easily make inventory adjustments, move products within the warehouse, and conduct counts. Furthermore, you can create product bundles and set up discount groups.


You get the full product overview, whether you choose the basic or premium subscription.


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