Get a complete overview of all your invoices. With Rackbeat, you can create both supplier and customer invoices as well as transfer them for bookkeeping in your financial system.


It is very important to have order in the billing process when you order goods home and shoot off sales orders. Because an invoice can easily get lost in the shuffle. And it can be hard to remember which invoice belonged to a particular order several months back. At the same time, you need to have a close link between order processing and your accounting, so your accountant does not come after you. With Rackbeat, you get a complete overview of the invoices and the opportunity to create all the supplier and customer invoices you want, while the bookkeeping in your financial system is just a few clicks away.



Make Your Accountant and Your Customers Happy with Rackbeat's Billing

Customer Invoicing

You can find your invoices in two of Rackbeat’s main tabs: sales and purchases. In sales, you have an overview of all your posted and unposted customer invoices, where you can access information such as order numbers, customers, posting status, order delivery status, etc.


You have the option to resend or create a new invoice from this overview. Here, you first insert the products before sending the invoice to the customer and posting it in the system, after which it is transferred to your financial system. When the invoice is posted, the goods included in the order will be deducted from your inventory, and your invoice will appear in the billing overview.


But you can also send your invoice in continuation of creating a customer order. Here you press “create invoice” and choose between invoicing all the items or only the sent ones – in case you are not able to send all the items on the order at the same time.


Supplier Invoicing

If we go to the purchase tab, you will find an overview of all your supplier invoices. Here, the same information appears as with the customer invoices – just with direct access to your suppliers instead of your customers. You can either create a supplier invoice through a purchase order or from scratch – e.g., if you do not have the purchase order in the system. Although most information is already defined from the order, you can create additional invoice lines if, for example, you need to add freight to the order.


You get access to Rackbeat’s invoicing options with both the basic and premium subscription.


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