Import and Export Customers, Suppliers, Orders, etc.

Files, data, and information should ideally be retrievable and transferable as efficiently as possible in a readable format. Therefore, it’s not practical if you have to manually enter customer, supplier and order information.


Rackbeat allows you to import and export various types of relevant data to and from the inventory system, saving you a lot of time on manual data entry.

Import and Export Customers, Suppliers, Orders, etc.

Save Time with the Import and Export of Customers, Suppliers, etc.

You may have an entire Excel sheet filled with new customers or suppliers that you want to import into Rackbeat instead of entering it all from scratch. In this case, it’s crucial to save your Excel sheet as a CSV file so that Rackbeat can read the data. The feature also allows you to send order information about an order from a given period to a customer or another entity.


The import and export of relevant files can be done with both our basic and premium subscriptions.


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