Efficient Pick and Pack

Warehouse tasks are much easier with Rackbeat’s pick-and-pack features. You can get picking lists for all orders and dispatch printed or digital packing slips.


Ideally, your order processing should be fast and efficient so you can handle as many sales orders as possible. Therefore, the workflows around the entire order flow need to be streamlined, especially when it comes to picking and packing. Rackbeat’s inventory system ensures that your picking and packing process is seamless.

Efficient Pick and Pack

Pick, Pack and Print Your Orders Quickly

Whether you create your sales orders manually or your inventory system is connected to your webshop, which means you receive the customer orders automatically, you need to create a shipment on the sales order within the system before the picking process can begin. Here, you can download or print a picking list that provides the packing supervisor with an overview of the items included in the specific sales order and their location in the warehouse.


Once the items are retrieved and placed in boxes, bags, or containers, you can click “pick” for each individual item line in Rackbeat or choose to pick all item lines. Finally, you have the option to dispatch a physical, printed packing slip and a digital version to the customer’s email.

You can pick item lines and dispatch your packing slips with both the basic and premium subscription.


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