Rackbeat’s dropshipping feature makes it easy for you to sell your products — without the need to manage your own warehouse or be in direct contact with the products.


Maintaining your own warehouse and inventory can be resource-intensive. There are various associated costs, such as rent, daily operations and inventory movements. Therefore, dropshipping provides a great opportunity to alleviate some of the expenses and administration hours related to inventory flow. However, it requires a close connection with your suppliers. And that’s exactly what you get with Rackbeat’s dropshipping feature, which links sales orders to the supplier’s inventory.


How to Process a Dropshipping Order in Rackbeat

You start by creating your suppliers and the products you offer in your webshop or business. From here, the process is essentially the same, whether you create your sales orders manually or they automatically come in from the webshop:


When the sales order is received, or you fill it out yourself, it will appear in your order overview. Here, you need to convert the customer’s sales order into a purchase order, from where you can choose your supplier and the dropshipping feature. Instead of entering your own shipping address, as you would if you managed your own inventory, you need to enter the end customer’s address. This way, you avoid having to handle the product yourself and can reap the benefits of good service.


The dropshipping feature can be used by both basic and premium users.


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