Discount Management

There are several ways to offer discounts or quotes in Rackbeat. You can create discount groups, provide quantity discounts and assign a standalone discount to a sales order.


If you want to sell a few more items or reward selected customers, offering discounts can be a carrot for both you and the customers. Perhaps you have some products that sell best during certain seasons, maybe you want to create a discount group to which you can link specific customers or perhaps you want to give a spontaneous discount on a sales order. In Rackbeat, you have ample opportunity to systematize and control discounts.

Discount Management

Reward Your Customers with Rackbeat's Discount Management

You can choose to create a discount group where you set a discount in a given percentage, give the group a name and number and then link the selected customers to it. Learn more about how to create discount groups here.


You can also give selected customers a standard quantity discount based on the number of items they purchase. Here, the discount can be given either as a percentage or as a predetermined price when they buy a certain quantity of items. You can read more about how to provide quantity discounts here.


Finally, you can also assign a standalone discount to your customer when creating a manual sales order.


Both the basic and premium subscriptions include discount management.


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