Customized Overviews

With Rackbeat, you are not confined to a standardized, rigid system. You can customize our inventory, purchase and sales overviews according to your precise needs – with the information that is crucial for your business.


No workflows are 100% identical – neither for businesses nor employees. Some deal in different currencies. Others need a quick overview of product serial numbers. Or perhaps you need to see a product’s standard location or a discount group. Only your imagination sets the limits. Rackbeat meets the need to shape your workflows with our customized overview.

Customized Overviews

Choose Exactly the Information You Need in Rackbeat's Overviews

There is almost complete freedom when it comes to customizing your dashboards and overviews, as there are plenty of filtering options and overviews to explore. However, we have three main tabs where the most important user-customized overviews are located: Inventory, Purchase and Sales.


Under “Inventory,” for example, you can get a complete overview of your products, bills of materials, productions, inventory adjustments, etc. If we delve into the product overview, you can choose to display everything from the sales price, cost price, primary supplier, weight – and much more.


In the “Purchase” tab, under your orders, you can choose to see if a purchase is invoiced, received, accepted, quality-checked, has a desired delivery date and more.


Under the “Sales” tab, you can access all your sales orders and attach information about delivery conditions, order status, contribution margin, delivery date, etc. There are plenty of filtering options, and it might make the most sense for you if you went on a tour of Rackbeat yourself to get a sense of how the system can be tailored to your workflows.


Both the basic and premium subscriptions allow you to customize your overviews.



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