Create Warehouse Locations (Basic)

With Rackbeat’s basic subscription, you can create warehouse locations, keep track of item placement and move your goods.


It’s important to have control over the location of goods when managing a warehouse—especially if you have many products in stock. This is crucial for efficiency and clarity. In Rackbeat, you can create warehouse locations so you always have an overview of the goods’ location and how many products you have in stock.

Create Warehouse Locations (Basic)

Check Locations and Perform Product Transfers

In addition to creating multiple warehouse locations, you can specify a transport location if you have a fixed, temporary location through which your products pass. This way, you can perform an external inventory transfer and monitor your ongoing orders. Furthermore, you can record the movement of products between your internal warehouse locations and generate reports for each location.

Note: If you want to work with sub-locations—such as shelves, racks, or rows—you’ll need a premium subscription.


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