Nomia is a company consisting of more than 50 bookkeepers with several years of experience. They help their customers gain mental and monetary surplus by implementing digital solutions.

Brian Lyngholm, CEO Nomia Roskilde, has more than 10 years of industry experience. He helps his customers identify and implement solutions that simplifies his clients financial management.


The clients asked for more flexibility

“My clients were in need of a warehouse managment system, that was more flexible – one that for example, included bill-of-materials and several accounting methods.  
Many of my clients asked for a simpler and more flexible way of managing their inventory.”



Rackbeat is heaven-sent! All the shortages, issues, and lack of other warehouse management systems (WMS) are covered and solved by Rackbeat. I see Rackbeat as an integrated part of companies IT setup

Brian LyngholmCEO