"Capturing all those in-depth details, that's why we use Rackbeat"


Bringing it all together in harmony

According to A-Hjort themselves they’ve »been faced with all the problems that occur once you reach a certain volume.« From inventory discrepancies to manually blocking product sales, to subsequently »handle customer service and everything that entails.«

In a highly competitive industry, in which »almost 40% of turnover comes from holiday shopping« not being high-tech carries a significant cost. This includes mental and financial costs, as the price is reflected on both the bottom-line and employee wellbeing.


Greater than the sum of its parts

In time, »using the weekends to keep track of sales and inventory values became exhausting.« It was during one of those grueling weekends, that the need for a modern warehouse management system became apparent, a WMS that could unscramble all their warehouse challenges.
By integrating Rackbeat’s open API, A-Hjort linked its entire operation in one solution, tailored to their specific needs. Using »relevant players, that each serves their purpose in the best possible way« the organization went from fragmented to the whole »harmonizing all parts of its business« in the process.

A-Hjort has not looked back since launching its customized platform, in September 2020.

Having this much order in our warehouse has proved to be a real eye-opener!

It has really made our whole workflow easier, while removing a lot of manual processes.

I’m extremely happy with the way we’ve integrated Rackbeat into our business. It simply works.

Before, A-Hjort was »inhibited by not being able to keep up, due to too many manual processes.« Now A-Hjort employees experience »more control when it comes to management and overview of inventory movements.«
This change came with streamlined workflows in addition to »the possibility of gaining correct insights – at any time.«




Our biggest challenge has been selling those products, we didn’t have in stock. That’s where we’ve been the most challenged by not having a warehouse management system, and where Rackbeat has really helped us.