"As soon as you load into Rackbeat, everything you see makes sense"

Melia Food Trade



Where’s the Beef?

Melia’s core business is B2B (Business-to-Business) reselling of fresh meats, which is why the system that they use for managing critical business elements around their inventory – such as expiration dates, customers, suppliers, and more – was (and still is) a cornerstone of their business. A cornerstone that connects all workflows and processes. Warehouse management and controlling product flow is a fundamental tool for the business’ success and operations.

In 2018 they found out that their old warehouse solution was being shut down. They suddenly realized the importance of a smoothly functioning warehouse solution, but also the exciting possibilities that implementing a flexible WMS (Warehouse Management System) could bring, and that’s where they found Rackbeat.

Quicker, Easier, and more Efficient

Melia was pleasantly surprised with how Rackbeat WMS easily integrated with their accounting software. 

The seamless integration with e-conomic  ensures that their workflows are simplified and can be automated. This simplification and automation frees up precious time and resources that can be used to grow the business, and eliminates replication work between systems and minimizes the mistakes that come with that sort of work.

Melia’s daily operations became simpler because »where previously you had to go through, say, 8 steps to do a task, in Rackbeat you can do that in 3. Naturally, that means you can finish your work way quicker, and then there’s time for other things.« It’s also natural that less steps and more time saved provides the best possible foundation for increased growth.

We can work with different currency accounts, different language codes and integrate with e-conomic, that lifts the heavy accounting jobs, while Rackbeat takes care of the logistics: product management, product flow, purchase generation, invoicing and more.

We can bring Rackbeat with us, when we’re travelling, and we can work from the hotel room as if we were sitting at home.

Melia has previously tried to work with other WMS platforms that in their pursuit of being “smart” instead gives off an experienced sense of risk. Especially in relation to purchasing from suppliers, Melia experienced this risk. After transitioning to Rackbeat, they now feel completely secure during their purchasing. It »feels more secure to work with« and there is a feeling that »no orders are missed, and if you make a mistake, well with Rackbeat you’ll quickly notice that.«



Since the first time I spoke with Rackbeat, I’ve been met with a positive attitude, and you feel heard. The issues that are affecting your business are quickly ratified, and problems are solved with their heads held high.


Wanna Improve Your Business Like Melia? Book a Free Rackbeat Demo

If you want to optimize your inventory management and make your workflow more efficient, then you should consider Rackbeat. Rackbeat is the newest and most future oriented inventory management software – and it is easy to operate and utilize for every SME with warehouse needs.

But to make sure we offer the best solution for your specific business, we offer you a free presentation of Rackbeat. The demo will be tailor-made to your business needs and will thus illustrate how you utilize the system in practice.


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